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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beautiful Tuesday in Louisiana

You never know in LA what the last day of August is going to look like. I'd say there is a hint of fall in the air today. The temp is in the 80s and quite pleasant , with a few trees beginning to adorn themselves in  lovely orange/gold ensembles. Fall is my favorite time of the year. The central air conditioner is rarely kicking on, so it is blissfully quiet except for an occasional sound of a tractor in the distance.
The picture of the cotton field  is  from flickr creative commons . The cotton fields in my area have been replaced over the last few years by bean crops. I always thought seeing the dazzling white cotton perched atop the cinnamon  brown stalks was beautiful. I miss being surrounded on three sides by it's beauty.The beans, meanwhile, are boring and  are full of mice!

   I still haven't heard from my son , so I don't know if he is coming this way or not. Just two days until he gets off, so I'm thinking probably not..sigh...Also missing my daughter in AL. I bet their weather is even cooler.

School Adventures: hi

I made a new young friend and this is his new blog.
School Adventures: hi: "i got a blog! finally! and it's free! i think i might close my hub pages account and do this all the time"

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Weekend With Lots of Family

Friday afternoon I started feeling a lot better. I even got out that evening after the sun went down and finished mowing the yard. Saturday I  woke up and felt awful again. That's the way it goes.

My daughter and I enjoyed Saturday evening with family at Mama's house. My beloved Aunt C was there. My brother and his wife brought my nephew Lucas and his family (of 5) who were in from TX. My other brother, his wife,their two daughters, a son-in-law, and four granddaughters came. What  a merry household! We had Mama's snack bar and sideboard full of food.  I am just crazy about my neices and nephews, and though I felt blah, I had a good time!

Sunday is here , and what a great service we had at church! After church ,my brother had the local family members over for build your own beef burritos,corn on the cob,chips, dips, and deserts. We sat around and talked until 2:30 and came home. I feel much better today, though as my daughter says, "I'm full as a tick." Now my daughter Lisa is suggesting we go nap, and I think she has a good idea! Til next time!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Prinzmetal Angina

What a week so far. Not like I planned! I have been dealing with several angina attacks a day since Tuesday. I think it was brought on by my having costachrondritis for about a week. I was not even on hubpages for two days(my addiction) let alone snipsly and infobarrel where I also write.To read my article on what prontzmetal angina is, and how it affects me,please follow this link.Please help my stats and leave a comment (and rate it also)!

I am feeling better today, but am still feeling the costachrondritis, and hurting if I get very active. So since I had to just sit around,last night I followed our assignment on hubpages to write something for Deaf Awareness Week. I got my sister's permission to write about her, because I am so proud of her and her "can do" attitude! She is an absolutely amazing and sweet person.You can read it here. Please help my stats and leave a comment (and rate it also) !

Well, I guess I need to go catch up on reading hubbers I follow. I follow so many hubbers and bloggers that I never check out library books except for research!Please leave comments if you read my blog today! Folks keep telling me they are reading, but I can't tell.

My little dog Sweetie needs some exercise,too. She has sat beside me faithfully for three days. It's like she KNOWS I'm not feeling well. Isn't she nine pounds of precious? Smart and sweet!I forgive her for her bad breath!HA!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Well, I'm REALLY Retired!

I really did it! The school bus went by today. But I was not in my classroom waiting. I was snuggled under the sheets sleeping like a baby!

What! Ms. Kimball really retired!????

I will miss teaching of course, but having lymphedema and teaching has been really hard on me. I missed 33 days of school last year. It was time to
retire, and so far I am loving it! One itty bitty thing though......sniff, dishwasher bit the dust !

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ahem...six days later....Where did the time go? !!!!!!!

Today has gone by so fast. I slept til nine, so by the time I walked across the yard to Mama's house and sipped a little coffee the morning was almost gone. We moved a few of her potted plants, and then I came back home. I fixed chicken spaghetti and string beans for lunch. then I've been writing most of the day.
My stocking were already hurting behind the knee again. This heat and wearing compression hose stockings keeps me with a rash behind my knees. I am supposed to wear them all day, but sometimes if after I finish the day, I  take them off. I shouldn't but the pain gets to be too much some days.
Here is the pair of compression hose stockings I am wearing right now.(I have several styles.)

Now that picture makes it seem like my feet are huge, and they are today. I never know what kind of swelling I will have. Sometimes, they are much larger than this.

But after therapy(massage and elevation) sometimes I can get them to look like this:

I have been writing on hubpages this week. Last week I won a hubnugget award for best hub in home category for my hub Fifties Retro Kitchen. Now I need to go over to infobarrel or snipsley and write before I get too sleepy. Please leave comments if you have any questions about lymphedema and wearing compression hose.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A beautiful Sunday and Some Random Thoughts

Well, I said I'd post a picture of that corn casserole I made for last nights Family Night. But I have not loaded the pictures on to my computer because of a problem with lightening all afternnoon , and then I went to church.

It was still a beautiful day, because it was Sunday. I have a wonderful church,church family , and pastor.

It feels strange to write today, knowing I just got started , and noone is reading this.:)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Family Night!

I live next door to my mother (the BEST neighbor!) , so I see her everyday. Every other Saturday or so, we have family night , and my two brothers come over with  wives ,grown children and their kids. It's all potluck and we are all good cooks. SEE why I put an exclamation after the title?  We all talk at once and laugh a lot. My family is very close, and I'm so glad my brothers live close by. My sister lives in Austin ,TX and teaches school, so we see her on her vacation time only.
I just made homemade salsa for tonightIt is my best..welll our best recipe!. My grandaughter Tiffani and I came up with this newest recipie when she was here during the summer.  I wrote an article about it and included the recipe. If you 'd like it, here it is:

I am also making a  jalepeno corn casseroleloaded with cheese. I'll take apicture of that and put the recipe and picture up on my next post.
It is very hot here in northern Louisiana today, but the leaves are starting to turn ever so slightly, and that gives me hope that cooler days will soon be here!

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I'm Totally Southern,Y'all !

I'm Totally Southern,Y'all !