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Really............So I have another blog, which is my official author page. Jacqueline Kimball- Just a Bloggin' I write about me and the family,good books to read,interview authors, and whatever else pops in my lil ole southern head!

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


 FREE TODAY. My new book is free today! 

FREE in conjunction with World Autism Awareness Day-My book Houston, the Cleft Palate Puppy is FREE today, April 2nd and tomorrow April 3rd. (Based on a true story. Houston now has his own facebook page, and his link is in the book. )This story of an autistic child and her special needs puppy will touch your heart. 105 kindle pages,11 and up.For dog lovers of all ages!                        
 AS always,thanks for dropping by!~~~~Jackie~~~

Saturday, March 30, 2013

New blog ..If you please....

Hi there!
I have a new facebook page that is lonely and needs your company!

I'm having the dickens of a time remembering to post on this blog. My other blog and my facebook page areabout all I have time for lately. I'm wondering how many of you keep up with more than one blog,and if so, how do you organize your time to do so

AS always,thanks for dropping by!~~~~Jackie~~~

Saturday, March 23, 2013

About to Finish Book Three! Will Be Published In May.

Hello all,
I've been really busy trying to meet an April 25th deadline for book #3. I'm having a ball,but the real world keeps  me away from my writing too much lately. You writers,crafters,and self employed  know what I mean,I'm sure! This is book two in the Oregon! series. My problem is that I want new adventures in book two,but just how many busted wagon wheels,snakes and rivers can you write about and keep it fresh? Yep. That's the nitty gritty of it.Here's the cover. I just love it!

 Here is a link to my newest book,Houston the Cleft Palate Puppy. (Pictures of him are on this blog) ages 11 and up  with 105kindle  pages.

I'm including a link to book one. of the Oregon ! series( Lindy - On the Oregon Trail (216 pages). It's currently only in kindle form,as paperback will not be published until sometime in June or even July.
LINDY ON THE OREGON TRAIL by Jacqueline Kimball

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Monday, March 18, 2013

HERE IS A LINK to an article I wrote showcasing authentic Louisiana recipes for a fish fry party. Catfish, fries,fried green tomatoes,hushpuppies,pie and a bit of history,too! 

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Celebrate the Little Things...

Houston,my little cleft palate chorkie puppy turned 10 months old on July 16th.  It can be done! He has to eat dry dog food,to minimize risk of food going in his nostril,but other than that,he pretty much leads a normal doggy life. I am so glad I didn't listen to those who advised to put him down.

Houston saying, "I Yub You".Who can resist?
Here he is trying to put me on a guilt trip (I think) because he wants to play,and mommy won't put the laptop down. He can "talk" and growls, "I Yub You." (Repeatedly sometimes .)Too cute to resist,and I did put my laptop away,lol.

AS always,thanks for dropping by!~~~~Jackie~~~

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

GODTUBE is on facebook now. (So am I!!)Click like on facebook,and you will see so many uplifting posts and pictures.Today my prayers seem to be lifting about two inches...there are days like that.I know. I came to the Lord December 1969.
Here is a picture of that young girl.
 I 'm a long time Christian. So what if I don't YET see what I am praying about coming any closer.That doesn't matter. My command is to pray. His promise is that He will hear. It doesn't matter if I don't "feel it"That is when you pray harder..pray anyway...... Went to and found this. All better now.Read the caption that was under it. That says it all.
CAPTION SAID:  No matter what I face today God's got it under control...I'll PRAY!
Friend,thanks for dropping by!~~~~Jackie~~~

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'll Just Tip Toe In and Sit In the Back.........Hate to use an over-used phrase,but I'm back

Hello ALL! 

So much has happened in my life this year that I literally forgot I had left my blog open just in case I wanted to come back. You might remember that my daughter Lisa had a stroke,and  I felt I was spending too much time on a blog that doesn't make a dime.(Some of you had advised this...thanks.) So many of you set notes that you understood that I did not have time to go to each of your blogs and comment on a weekly basis. As for sitting and writing with lyphedema,the recliner helps.

Actually,things are more complicated than they were before,as my daughter that lives with me,Lisa,has been diagnosed with MS.Poor thing,we have been making the rounds of doctors this past year since her stroke. I felt a need to get back and blog whether anyone reads it or not,because it a type of therapy for me.(Most of you feel the same!) I practically blog on facebook,! 

Are any of you on facebook? You can find me as Jackie Kimball. Hope to see some friend requests, but let me know the name of your blog,so I'll know who you are.

I'll leave you with our dog Sweeties new "siblings". Sweetie ,our doxie/chi mix ,was lonesome ,so  Sugar Baby (the chihuahua) came to us last summer. We were so happy to have this sweet little darling. She's 5 lbs,is  house broken, and just need a whole lot of loving. What we DID NOT know was that she was going to have puppies!  What a surprise when she got bigger and bigger. Took me a while to figure it out!So that is how the little black dog came. He is a chorkie mix.(Chihuahua/Yorkie). He was born with a cleft palate,and was rejected by Sugar Baby because he could not nurse. It was touch and go,feeding him every two hours round the clock. I sure got bleary -eyed! He is now 7 months old,Sugar baby adores him, and he weighs 4 lbs. (Pssssst...don't tell the others,but that little guy has the spot  as favorite dog....EVER!)
Above is Sweetie drooling over her "siblings". Next is our little guy whose name is Houston,by the way. (Houston, we  HAVE a problem.)
Finally ,here is my daughter Lisa. (With Houston,our newest.)
........ At a fluffy size,and 62 years of wrinkles, I don't take many pictures lately. I'll try to update soon. Now I am off to visit a few of you a day for a week or two!
.AS always,thanks for dropping by!~~~~Jackie~~~

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saying Goodbye...I have to...

For now, I am having to say good-bye. I'll try to explain, but knowing me,it will be as clear as muddy water.

I wish,wish ,wish that I had time to blog, but I am on a fixed income , and have to write things that will pay  me money. Since March 2010, I have earned only $1.72 on my blog. I had hoped I could earn from this blog in time, and make friends,too. [If you google Jackie D. Kimball,you'll see what I'm up to  in my writing.]

If  blogging was all the writing  I did, and it was just a fun pastime,You guys would SO Be worth it. What a great group of gals( and you ,old geezer!) I found.  The truth is, I just don't have time to visit my blog friends. I LOVE BOGGING AND VISITING BLOGS! I was spending hours just visiting my blog friends, and only wrote a few things for adsense sites in 5 weeks. Well, it caught up with me, and I made just a few cents  writing on my adsenses revenue sites in January! I tried to make a rotation, visiting about 10 of you a day, but I didn't want to just stop by, and not  read/make a comment. I was taking hours. (You all know it does!lol!!!!)

If I am ever going to be a success at this extra income, I have to devote more time to sites I know I can monetize on, such as hubpages and infobarrel.  The thing is, you are expected to visit and comment on those articles, too. It is very time consuming. I had gotten to the point that I was on the computer all day. That is not what being newly retired is supposed to be,is it?Grinning.......

I just can't keep up. Something had to go.(So Twin, I'm gonna try to get busy, and see you there.:>)
I am going to keep my blog open, I will be reading on your blogs from time,to time maybe even comment. Who knows, maybe someday, I'll get the hang of it and be able to handle the money sites , and the fun sites. AS I SAID>>>YOU GUYS ARE THE  BEST!

So, least for now.....I'm saying goodbye.

AS always,thanks for dropping by!~~~~Jackie~~~

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gone Until February 10th

I won't be on
my blog or
yours  until about February 10th.
Too complicated
to explain,but
I will be back.

Just wanted to
let you know in
case you noticed
I'm not visiting
you for a few weeks. Hope you stick with me!


AS always,thanks for dropping by!~~~~Jackie~~~

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I THINK I Was As Clear As Muddy Water......?????

Hmmmm, I think I was as clear as muddy water in my last post!It's all clear in my mind...I think!I was wondering what to write about and asked did any of you have ideas. I think some of you thought I meant blog writing.No,not blog writing.The writing block I am talking about is about needing to write new articles  and get paid by goooooogle.

I write articles on hubpages,infobarrel,msnbc newsvine,snipsly,infopirate,and more. It is monetized so that I get a percent from click throughs on google adds.

There,maybe I am making sense now. Did I? If not,just mumble ,"Lord help her !" Some of you write articles on revenue sites,don't you?Peg?Twin?

Problem is.....and I can't understand it myself,I can't seem to get back in the swing of things . I spent time in AL with my daughter ,as she had major surgery, Then came Thanksgiving,holiday parties galore, and Christmas. When I DO have time to write,I end up blog hopping to check on who is doing what.(So addictive!).So, I have made up my mind. For the next few days, I am going to write,even if it's gibberish and doesn't get published!Think I'll settle in at hubpages for a few days,then infobarrel.

AS always,thanks for dropping by!~~~~Jackie~~~

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I'm Totally Southern,Y'all !

I'm Totally Southern,Y'all !