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Thursday, December 30, 2010

They said it's not too late, so here goes...

A few visitors stopped by my blog,and said it's not too late to post Christmas at my house......and at Mama's. If you see green walls, it's at my sweet Mama's. Traditionally, that is where we siblings gather with our families. We ate too much, laughed a lot, and hugged a lot!

I actually had my daughter that lives with me(Lisa),my AL daughter,son-in-law, and the three grandchildren they blessed me with home for Christmas this year. It was wonderful.My daughter has been seriously ill, and is still not well, so it was real "iffy" whether she could come. My only son was in FL with his family and didn't get to come. So here are some pictures. I hate everyone of them with me in them! I'm the one with the royal bue tank-top and two piece black pants set.The fluffy one. I shouldn't even tell ya!ha!

My favorite arrangement this year was on my snack bar.

I used only red lights this year. A nice change.

Lisa,my 3 grandchildren, and "the Cousins" at my Mother's house on Christmas Eve.

Daughter,son-in-law, and my
"Alabama grandchildren".
My sister and I flanked by our brothers and their wives.Their wives are like sisters to me.Our dear mother is in the center.

I loved Mama's blue lights on the tree.

Daughter Lisa is brain -injured/autistic and lives with me. You have to catch her unawares to get a good picture,otherwise she is overkill on her THIS:

So that's a peek at my happy  bayou Christmas!

Back to Normal Just Ain't Interesting!

Well, everything around my place is getting back to normal. My daughter and her family  are back in Alabama. Friends are back to work, and my routine is now back in place. I'm back to that same ole same-o.Back to normal...... peace and quiet. I say QUIET is  sometimes overrated. Sigh......and after all the conversations with my grandchildren,nieces and nephews, all the chuckling over their innocent comments.....normal just ain't interesting at  AWWWWLLLLLLL! (Kimmi..I miss you and yours so much already! )

I waited too late to post family pictures of our Christmas gatherings, so I guess I just won't. 
I'll just focus on the new year 2011.

Most of us look at the year 2010 ,remembering the good and the bad of the year. My brother preached a message titled "Remember" tonight. It was very timely, and food for thought.It ended beautifully with my brother reminding us that with repentence God will remember our sin no more!How beautiful. Then I started remembering some of the promises left to us in the Holy Bible,which subsequently led to this song playing in my head. We seniors should remember when this song was a gospel hit. I think the Happy Goodmans sang it.

Looking for a city, where we'll never die,
There the sainted millions, never say good-by,
There we'll meet our Savior, and our loved ones too,
Come O Holy Spirit, all our hopes renew

Signs of the times are everywhere.I love the end of one year and the ushering in of another. Milestones remembered and  times for new starts. If you don't really know Jesus like you want to know Him, why not make this the year that you find that place with Him?  We can never get too close to Jesus! My motto this year is going to be "Preparing for Heaven in 2011".
Friends, I am looking for that place. I want to go there,don't you?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Speak Fluent Dog, Fluent Cat...Not So Much

I speak dog. I speak dog fluently. Man, I'm practically the "Dog Whisperer"! My dog Sweetie can convey a multitude of "words" with her eyes,mouth,ears, and body contortions. She knows I speak dog and we talk .

 For instance, one has only to observe her ears, eyes, mouth, and tail when our new kitten climbs up on the back of the couch.
I know by the down turn of her mouth and tail, and the accusing look in her eyes that she is trying to convey some thing like this......"Mama...look at that cat. I can't do that. You won't let me. But the cat is UP THERE. I don't get it. AND I'M NOT Happy,cuz it ain't right........uh..may I get up there?"

I say "No,you can not." With her tail curled under her, she shuffles to her pout spot under the coffee table, and shoots me a woeful look, and licks herself.I know that she just told me, " Oh I get it now. Cat can but I can't.That is not right,Mama!" Three minutes later, she is telling me with all she has that I am adored by her, and she forgives me.

My dog speaks "Mama and those people", so we get along wonderfully. I say,"Sweetie.Want a treat?" She goes to the kitchen faster than the speed of a locomotive. At times when I tell her something,she disagrees. She may protest with her body,eyes, and moans. If I insist, she does it,and waits for praise and wags her tail estatically. All is well.

Right now , my little kitten is purring loudly nestled with her head under my neck while I sit in my recliner attempting to type. It was her idea, and she does this often ..... including kisses to my nose, so I know she is content.

Now, granted,this is my first kitten since I was five. (We were dog people back then....) We are almost to week three. It has been bliss until Saturday. It's like she hit the equivalent to the human terrible twos, and what's with this new swagger in her walk?

 I always let her (Zoey) out with Sweetie, as she will only go outside if  Sweetie does.Starting Saturday, she won't come back in when I call them.She will come to the steps, watch Sweetie go in, and then she leaves. I can't coax her in with sweet talk. She will return and scratch at the door. When I open the door, she goes back down the steps, and ignores all of my "Kitty,Kitty,Kitty, come here. ZoHoHoh-eeeeeeee."

Eventually,at some point ,I get lucky when I open the door. At her discretion, she will slink in with this new walk she has aquired, and disdainfully walk past me and visit her favorite sunny spot or high place. I praise her for coming in, but I can see it "does not compute".I THINK, I'm getting a "must you prattle to me now?" look.....I dunno...

At other times, she will come in immediately and hang out with Sweetie. Or,for no reason ,she will come sit with me without being called. I think I am NOT to speak, and interrupt her quiet time.I dunno. I speak dog fluently. Speak cat....not so much.....sigh...
SWEETIE (9 pounds) ZOEY (light as feather)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

To Me,from Me! Ho,Ho,Ho!

Well,ho,ho,ho, and Merry Christmas to me! I bought myself a recliner yesterday. It's my Christmas gift from me,to me! I have needed one for so long.I have lymphedema  ,mostly in both legs. I am supposed to sit with both legs up as much as possible when seated. I could afford one, so I spent $20.00 on a small ottomon instead.

Yesterday, I went to a local chain furniture store to buy my daughter (who lives with me) a new mattress for her main Christmas gift. Her other one was a goner.

While there,the saleslady (a friend of my daughter)told me that she had the recliner chair that I had previously almost bought back in stock. Additionally,it was on sale,at the very low price of $200.00! So I dipped into my emergency fund and bought it right then and there. I am usually not so impulsive, but I need it and loved the sage/taupe color.  So now, I'm sitting in a recliner with my legs way up, and feeling great. Ho,ho,ho!  Compare one of my bad days(mostly) with one of my good days. Good days take a lot of sitting, with elevated legs. I have to wear compression hose every day. You can seee why I am excited about something as mundane as a recliner!!!!!You can also understand why spending time on the computer helps me pass the time.~~~~~Jackie~~~~~~

Monday, December 13, 2010

First Christmas Without Them?

The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.I will call upon the Lord who is worthy to be praised!
I taught this passage  to my children when they were just toddlers by making a song of it.I remember seeing them whirl around the room while we sang it.(Sort of Hebrew fashion dancing,maybe?) I knew that having my children learning scriptures was important ,because they are  "a comfort to recall when your back is against the wall." This is also my signature on my email.
Today, I'm going to a funeral .My cousin Neva became a widow suddenly and unexpectedly. Her husband of nearly 50 years was a devout servant of the Lord,well known and respected in his church and community.This is his homegoing memorial service.  I pray the many scriptures of comfort she has learned through the years will flood her heart today ,and comfort her.
........and what about you and me? How many of us have lost loved ones this year? My family has.How many of us will go through that first December without them? I know some of my blog friends,forum friends, and even my son-in-law will have to face this in their own way. I have found that the best way is to lean on your ROCK. In this world, my two brothers have become My rock to lean on,since Daddy is gone and I am single. I know I can drive just a few miles down the road, and brother number one will be ready to talk me through a problem,fix my leaky faucet, or whatever. Brother number two is 30 minutes away and is always willing to help me .All I have to do is ask. I call them "my rock". I feel reassured that they are just a phone call away.(My son lives in FL, and my daughter in AL, so not available...)
But they know I am speaking of earthly things. My REAL Rock is Jesus. No matter how large or how small, I can take my burdens to Him. He is just as close as the saying of His name!
As I am somewhat heavy myself, because my children and grandchildren are far away , I can only imagine how some of you in blog land must be feeling this Christmas season.You have had to say goodbye(for now)to a loved one.At least,though so far away, my children and grandchildren are still with me.
I have gone to too many funerals this year. It is heartbreaking to know that those I loved will be even more sadly missed by their children and parents.Please know that my heart goes out to the mom of Jake, and what Toodie is going through, and others. I will be praying, as will others that as you lean on the ROCK, you will find comfort.
If you would like to leave the name of your loved one who is no more with you, feel free to do so.Your blogger friends DO care.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Blogging Friends ....and I Lost One .......

I think I just figured out something. Today on the blog, I used a text gadget and I wrote about keep Christ in Christmas, and within the hour ,I lost a follower.I only  had 35.Not I am at 34, and  sniff,sniff ....I guess I'll never know, because I didn't get a message from the blogger.Of course, I could be wrong. Could be that I lead a boring life.. and bored them to tears..ha!

I have been getting a lot of emails about keeping the word Christ in Christmas.I'm on board with that. So I added a text gadget to express that. It was just less than an hour and like the Hee Haw song says,"poof..... they were gone".Of course I am a big Santa/jingle bell/deck the halls gal,too! Do any of you lose followers without even a message to you? It makes me sad to lose a follower before I get a chance to be a friend.

flickr/ccphoto by kiwanjia
 Speaking of friends, I have met some awesome blogger buddies! You ladies in MS,TX,MS,and AR are close enough that maybe I will meet you some day. You  can find lasting and great friendships on the internet via forums and blogs!One of my dearest friends lives in Australia. We met on a teacher forum years ago .(Mary you!) She is my daughter's age, and I love her youthful perspective on everything. Another good teacher forum friend I met is Cathy-Dee. She is a Canadian and sends gorgeous pictures of snow to me,along with pictures of her neice and nephew (Whom I have watched grow up in pictures.) I'm glad she does. I am genuinely interested in her family! I have never met either of them physically,but I still count them as good friends.These two ladies helped me stay sane and focused on God when I went through a horrific experience  that rocked my world eight years ago.I owe them a lot!

I am a fairly new blogger, and I have already met people that have laughed with me, cheered me on with my new blogger chatter,and when the chips were down they have prayed for me. Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!
What about you? Have you made great friendships by blogging?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ingrown toenail,the Doc, and a Pity Party!

Boy did I have a pity party today.I  had to go to the doc with an ingrown toenail that has been infected off and on since I went to Alabama. I think it started because I drove all day long with out cruise control, shoving that toenail in further and further. Because of having a lymph system disorder, my body is sluggish about fighting infections. But THAT is not why I had a pity party. 

The doc couldn't cut the toenail out , because my toe is too infected, and all I got was a prescrption for an antibiotic. But THAT was not why I had a pity party either.

 No, I had a pity party because I started dwelling on my insurance dilema. I was supposed to have to pay $134.00 monthly for it after I retired. But because I had a lapse in coverage in 06 when I took an unpaid sabbactical I was told my payment would be over $600.00 dollars a month. I protested, and insisted the LA state teacher's office be consulted.(Thought the local school board had made a mistake. I stood there while she called. It was not a mistake. They took over $600.00 out of my tiny check. So I had to cancel. Now I have no insurance. 

So the pity party was a "How can they do that to me, and why couldn't I have my insurance at the cost I was quoted before I retired, and dadgummit they knew I took a year off when they did my quote, and now I had to think it over big time before I could even go to the doctor, and ....., and ......., and......."(fill in the probably crossed my mind..)

I finally decided to buy a breadmaker, and whatayaknow...they don't have the first one. Not one. further,they are not expecting a shipment either. Blah.

But I just got an e-mail from an old friend (since 1974) I am feeling better tonight, and just finished reading some comments from my blog buddies.There is chocolate in the house and Christmas movies every night.  I hobbled around and got my tree up, and my dog and kitty adore me. Church was great last night , and Jesus loves me. PARTY OVER!
Have a nice Friday!~~~~~Jackie

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thoughts On Memories and Making Memories

MEMORIES...scattered pictures on my blog....time we shared with each other..twas the way we were......Her First Christmas! I took these pictures so I wouldn't forget how cute she was! Zoey is 10 weeks old.
Ho,Ho,Ho! Can You Believe they let me make them Santa Dog and Santa Kitty? Zoey ,our new baby, was drowsy, and I don't think she even knew it was on her head! Sweetie wears hats and coats in the winter,so it's no real biggie for her.
I have put up a few things for Christmas cheer, but still haven't mustered up the umph to put up the tall tree.

I ate lunch with my mother, and then we went to put winter arrangements on Daddy's grave. The 5th was would have been Mama and Daddy's anniversary. I am 61, and They had been married a few years before I was born.

After coming home from the cemetery, I sat here on the sofa, and got lost in thought. I never heard them argue when I was growing up. NEVER. What a great thing to be able to say! I'm sure they must have had some "intense fellowship" , but they were wise enough to keep it from us. Instead, they worked on making happy memories, whether they knew it then or not.We have all told them how much those happy times meant to us,though.(Not to say I don't have some very "jarring" was the days when misbehavior could earn you a few good smacks on the backside!)

You know, I feel such gratitude for so many fun and happy days with my parents. Did  my parents know they were making memories that are yet frozen in time in my heart?Maybe there were times when they might have thought secretly "I'd just rather not", but almost every weekend, Mama and Daddy would plan something "to do" as they called it.

We were not rich,nor poor .....but there wasn't money to go on long vacations or expensive outings. We went fishing,went on picnics,went to fly kites on a levee near or home, Little League baseball games, fairs, parks, and drive-in theaters or just backyard barbeques and badminton. It was rare to go shopping unless it was to get 'school clothes" or groceries.There were no malls that I had ever heard of ,and technology had not robbed children of enjoying a whole day outside with parents and neighbors on the block just enjoying each other's company.

I tried to do the same for my kids while they were growing up.  I probably had a sitter no more than 20 times in all my child raising years. We didn't really care to hang out with adults who wanted to have their fun without the kids.We made friends with other couples who enjoyed including the children in most activities. I felt that childhood would go by quick enough, and chances to spend  time with them would be like a vapor. Here today.........and gone so quickly.

I hope they remember our picnics in the park, rides to nowhere that ended up being  a food fest in the car,the pool we assembled and enjoyed ,church plays,Little League,cooking together in the kitchen, planting our little garden, me playing Barbie Dolls with the girls.My son and I kicking around the car lots and ending up buying a car.........and yes,even strolling the mall.....I hope they are lasting memories to them. I know I treasure them! I'm so glad now that I spent time with my chidren instead of doing like some mothers I knew, leaving their children  with whoever they could ,day in and day out ,and going out to party most weekends. Think of what they missed!

Young parents, what about you? Are you making happy memories? Do you let your children know that you WANT to spend time with them? 

Young parents, do you look for any excuse to "get away"from your children?  (Too tired,too busy,too broke,too sick.....)I Is your "quality time" anytime you aren't with the kids? I  remember when my daughter was in stage three cancer,Hodgkin's lymphoma.I took care of her baby boy except for bath and bottle time. She insisted on doing it herself.She would drag her tiny frail body and kneel down at the tub to play with bath toys and bathe her son. It hurt me so to see my daughter, bald and exhausted to the core muster a smile and play with him. She made memories for herself, and in so doing for me.She survived ,and over the past few years has had serious health problems. She is a wonderful mother, and even while sick is always planning the "next thing" to do with her three children.
Grandparents, the same goes for us. When we are gone, will our grandchildren remember good times spent together,or will they remember being ignored  or being told to "go away and play"? Let's make happy memories!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I get these Strong Feelings...........

I Get these Strong Feelings.....and when I drives me nuts. Mama has learned to go with it........
Mama and I went to Wally World today to get groceries and odds-n-ends we needed .After that, and after I found my  lost keys I put on the roof of the car..........we went to Foxes'  Pizza. While there,I kept thinking about all the animals that needed a home. Then I realized it was because the restaurant is next door to the vet and rescue shelter from where I got my dog Sweetie over six years ago.

From that point all I could think about was that there was a kitten there that needed me. I told my Mother about it, and after feeding our faces, we went to see if I was right. MY BABY was there!When they showed me the four cats, in less than 30 seconds, I knew why I felt the way I did. I knew which cat had been "calling to me" while I sat next door the minute I saw her.Who could resist this?

UPDATE: Here's the picture! Isn't she a doll?

She's a dead-ringer for Mama's blue cat (and mine..sort of .....since I live next door.......) . When I held her I said ,"There you are! I knew I was getting my baby today."

 She took right to me, purring her little heart out.She is about 9-10 weeks old, and is a blue gray(looks like a Russian blue, which she is not  of course.) She  looks just like Mama's cat did when she was a kitten.

Mama's cat,Miss Blue ,is a small blue grey cat about 12 years old, I think..She's been a great pet, and always proudly brings her catch (mice ,usually) to the back door.I hope our new baby will be like her.  daughter Lisa and I named her Zoey.It means life, and her life was spared, so I think it's the perfect name.

It has been a calm afternoon. I bathed Zoey as she had pooped in her crate on the way home.Little  Zoey is in love with our dog Sweetie. Sweetie,on the other hand is less than estatic.She is being polite to the kitten, and probably thinks she will be gone a few days.

A NICE Day! Thanks for all of you that read down to the end of the post,in spite of the fact it's about a plump ole granny finding a homeless kitten,PURRrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect!.

All of my work is copywrited and protected.Do not copy without permission.

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I'm Totally Southern,Y'all !

I'm Totally Southern,Y'all !