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Saturday, November 6, 2010

What Person Thinks WD 40 Ingredients Are Mainly Fish Oil? .....Duh. Read the Label!

WD 40 photo by Joshin Yamada /Flickr/cc

Got the craziest e-mail a few months ago. It was not an attachment, because they put the letter  in the body of their e-mail/letter..(Y'all know I don't open forwards anymore.(long story)I skimmed over it , and because it looked interesting, I copied it. It listed about 45 uses for WD40. Some of them were ridiculous and dangerous!

Well,the other day, I had a bit of a problem getting the windows up and down on the metal track.  Daddy always said hold it with duct tape, and get it loose with WD 40, so I got out my trusty WD the rest  of  it here. I did a little research(took me two days! )that you might be interested in. (Sorry, I haven't learned html, so I still do it the old fashioned way!),Myths,_and_Warnings

Getting together with the sibs and their families at Mama's house tonight. She's making her famous pot roast with onion gravy. I am making butter beans (frozen) and jalepeno cornbread.

 Jalepeno Cornbread

To make jalepeno cornbread, I use a package of Matha White's Mexican Cornbread Mix prepared according to directions. In another bowl , I make a small batch of regular cornbread. from scratch. Next, I mix them together , and add 4 ounces of Jalepeno Jack cheese, 1/3 cup of sliced jalepenos, and crumbled bacon.(A lot or a little, depending on what's on hand.) If I am out of bacon, I use real salad type bacon bits. Crumbled sausage is also tasty. You can't go wrong by adding chopped green onions and drained whole kernel corn as well!
                                                                          Onions? Shoot, yeah!


  1. Your suppper sound delicious. If you set a place for me I will be right there.
    I couldn't exist without WD40. I use it for so many things.

  2. Yep, and I'm right up there with Beth. I was actually drooling over the cornbread. And who in this world could ever live without WD40? I think WD40 is to women what duct tape is to men! (never have tasted it, though --ewwww)
    Jackie, thank you for coming by my little blog. I've now read a ton of yours and loved every single one of them. So did I click follow? You betcha!

  3. Don't leave me in suspense! Did the WD40 work for the window? Now it probably wants to open by itself right? Use the duct tape to hold it down ;-/
    Hot spicy food really disagrees with my northern tummy. Have fun tonight!

  4. Hi beth! Supper? Sure! let me know when you are in my beautiful neck of the woods!

  5. Hi JennyD,thanks so much for being my blog buddy!I'll pop over to yours before I turn off the computer and dance on the button!Sorry you have had so much sadness this past year, and hope for better days!The cornbread was great tonight!

  6. Hi toodie! I think you did not click my link to the rest of the story that I published on InfoBarrel. The windows went up fine.

  7. Jackie, found you because you found me!
    ~ WD40 is a fix-all~
    I'll be stopping by from time to time to see what you're cooking, since we are both from LA (p.s still claim LA after 5 yrs of being in MS) ;-)


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I'm Totally Southern,Y'all !

I'm Totally Southern,Y'all !