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Monday, November 29, 2010

Bracing for A stormy Evening!

Severe weather ,with a 40% chance of tornadic activity this afternoon is predicted by the national weather service. We will get a cold front with possibility of sleet tomorrow. That's the way it is in Louisiana. Right now,the weather channel has just posted a tornado warning for an area near Natchitoches,LA.There was a 6/10 torcon predicted for that area today by the weather channel.

I'll be turning off my computer's power in a bit. For some reason, my battery will only last less than one hour without a recharge. Can't afford a new one,I suspect. Never bought one, so I have no idea what the cost is.

I changed a few things in the house today from fall to December decor, and will do a little most days until it is time to put up the tree. The time I put up the tree is when I get a whim after Thanksgiving...and so far...I'm not feelin' it.Nope..not one little whim. Mama,daughter and I will hit the malls in a day or two, and that might do it. Need it to get cold, and then I'll  play some fa-la-la-la-la music, and deck the halls! How abot YOU? have you started getting things all festive for the Christmas and/or Hannukah season?

I made some whole wheat bread today. I used a  small ball of for a 10 inch pizza for daughter and I to go with the spaghetti I cooked for lunch.The rest of the dough was used for a loaf of bread. I use those disposable pans, because they don't stick as much as the glass loaf pans. You can just give the pans a pull, and the bread is out, and intact. Below: When I made this bread  at my daughter's house,I got lucky and it came out fine.(Whew..nothing like stuck bread when you're trying to show off!)
I made this loaf of bread on 11/11 while my daughter was in the hospital for the
grandkids and S-I-L.
 Ah, the bread is cooling a bit now, and what an enticing smell it is! More pungent than white flour bread. I will take it next door to Mama's house later. A thick slice will go good with some hot tea.

Update: IT WAS HEAVEN!After I posted this, I looked at some breadmakers on These are the three I like. I AM NOT TRYING TO GET CLICKS!!! Just want to show you what I was considering. Does anyone have any recommendations from your own experience? My friend in TN has a catering business and has a nice one, but I can't afford the top dog!


  1. .....and LOTS of good natural butter! Now I'm starving, lol.
    I haven't put up Christmas things, either. It's too early yet for me, but yesterday when I was taking my turkey soup around to neighbors, I noticed that almost the entire street has now put out all their decor and lights are in the windows, the whole shebang. I might have to break down in a day or so just so I won't look like Scrooge or something ;) At this rate, next year they'll have everything up by July -- you know, just in time for that Christmas in July sale.
    XOXOXO enjoy that bread; I'm salivating and envious :D

  2. I love my WestBend maker and I bought a biggin for my son as a gift. He likes it too. I have another off brand name and do not like it as much. I bought mine from 2nd hand store and a rummage sale. But that's me ;-) I baked a loaf of oatmeal bread today. I hopr to git a 2loafer one one day so I can make bread and rolls. Now I have two machines going for that. I grew up near West Bend WI ;-)
    Be safe my friend. The skies are weird here but it sounds like your weather is worse.

  3. ***JennyD...Unfortunately , we did just that...lot's of butter. At least it was smart balance brand!Lol!

    ****Toodie...I just stayed here at Mama's and we are riding it out together. So far its just rain and thunder.
    Thanks for telling me about your West Bend!I think I will get me a bread machine for Christmas.(No husband, so I have to be my own Santa.Ha!)

  4. We in N. AL are expecting the bad stuff too, so Kassey and I will head to the closet again. My breadmaker is a Cuisinart. Your loaf sure looks good and thanks for the hint on the tin pans. Y'all stay safe. Gonna be turning off my computer too.

  5. We are having rain here to change to snow flurries by morning.
    Homemade bread, sounds wonderful.

  6. Hi Jackie, We bought our bread maker last year at Walmart (Oster) for about $50 I think... It is WONDERFUL.... I also have an incredible place where I order all kinds of breads to make in the breadmaker... It's The Prepared Pantry... You will love your breadmaker.

    We have all of our Christmas decorations up now. Started working on them the day after Thanksgiving --and it took us until yesterday to finish them all... BUT--now I can relax and really enjoy Christmas.

    We have had TONS of rain up here last night and today... We've even had a flood warning. Yuk!


  7. I got an Admiral bread maker like 7 years ago from my son and it still works like a charm! I just love it! Sometimes I just use the dough setting so I can make cinnamon rolls or dinner rolls. But boy when you just want bread.. you just toss the stuff in close it and wait for it! What an invention!! Your bread looked AWESOME. I might have to make some now! lol

  8. Hope you weathered the storm fine. We've had rain most of last night and today, just one clap of thunder at the beginning. Plus a bit breezy.
    As far as bread makers. I would not suggest the Sunbeam...mine never worked right. Neighbors didn't either. I've had a Breadman that I was very happy with. My DIL likes the Oster really well. Currently I'm making it the old fashioned way. Have found if I use butter to grease glass loaf pans the bread comes out pretty well. When I used to use Crisco, it worked well. Tomorrow I plan to bake bread. I like the idea of using some for pizza...maybe we'll have pizza tomorrow evening.
    Take care.


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I'm Totally Southern,Y'all !

I'm Totally Southern,Y'all !