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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Looking for A Good Excuse to Eat Chocolate?

Ha! I know I am. We had our family get together last night and I let myself have a tiny amount of dark chocolate. Brother had smoked a pork tenderloin, and the rest of us brought pot-luck dishes. I brought dark chocolate pinwheels, and neice brought dark chocolate cupcakes.It was a chocolate lover's haven!

Well,there is good news. It seems that our scientific community has proclaimed once and for all that chocolate is good for you! Whoo-hoo! I have gradually changed to dark chocolate, because it has been found to be better than other chocolates.

I love to buy the dark chocolate chips(that you put in cookies) ,and put them in the refrigerator. I munch on a few (9-10) each night. They are cold, and eat them one by one letting them melt in my mouth.Ummmm....are you drooling yet? It's a healthy treat as long as you are cautious,which admittedly it's very hard to be!

Dark Chocolate has amazing amounts of antioxidants which aid the body by getting rid of  free radicals. More good news is that dark chocolate has more antioxidants that green tea or  red wine, and some other well known foods that have been widely published as rich in antioxidants.

 Some say chocolate makes them happy. I do feel better, though guilty, when I eat chocolate. Actually studies collaborate this claim. Chocolate causes your body to produce endomorphins. in larger amounts.  Endomorphins are the “feel good” chemicals .Chocolate also raises your serotonin levels, which can counteract depression and anxiety.

Photo courtesy of flickr creative commons/norwichnut
Chocolate contains magnesium which  is said to be heart healthy. It can reduce inflammatory diseases and helps in preventing type two diabetes.

For more on the history and benefits of chocolate PLUS several delicious chocolate lover's recipes, you can click this link for my newest article written a few days ago..


  1. YUMMY!! I love chocolate and dark chocolate is my favorite. I am going now to check your link out.

  2. Oh Lordy now ya got me want'in some chocolate. Jist so happens I have a stash of dark chocolate. If I could only remember when I stashed them....

  3. Not much for dark chocolate but I may have to train myself since it is "healthy". Although I do the same thing with chocolate chips in the freezer.

  4. ~~~~~~Toodie, I think chocolate is good for unclogging arteries so we won't be senile!lol!

    ~~~~~kbyrd,hi my sweet daughter! I am so happy to see your comments!

  5. Oh I love chocolates toooo. Also you have a beautiful setup of pictures on your blog. How did you do that. I havent seen any blogspot templates like that. Mine is just plane jane style, Hope you will follow me on my blog. cheers Eileen.

  6. Eileen, I did sign up for your blog. I'll go check again. Thanks for complimenting my layout!I use the free templates at cutest blog on the block.The applications such as the calendar, are fee on blogspot.

  7. Hi Jackie... I think after reading your post that I should be one happy camper:-) I try not to eat chocolate but some how or other it finds
    The posting was wonderful and informative..
    Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting me..


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I'm Totally Southern,Y'all !

I'm Totally Southern,Y'all !