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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving USA!

Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm thankful for HIS  Amazing Grace!

I am so thankful for God's amazing grace! I thank him for being my heavenly Father, and for my wonderful family  and church family! Last Thanksgiving I was very ill ,and ended
up in the hospital for five days. I am so thankful
for the improving health I have today! (And...Lord....I love being retired ,after all! You ,of course,were right!)

I am thankful most that God loves us, and when we stumble ,if we let Him, He will pick us up!
 Happy Thanksgiving USA bloggers! I won't be on much, and  I suspect you won't be either. I will be editing this post later to add a few recipes popular in my family for our Thanksgiving throw down asap...(We in my family are all good cooks. WE could whup up on ole Bobby Flay!)
UPDATE: Recipes as promised!
       Corn casserole
(Are you right with God? Cause
this one might kill you!)
2 cups of frozen whole kernel corn
1 package of Mexican cornbread mix
1 beaten egg
1/2 stick of melted butter
8 oz of med. ceddar cheese,shredded
4 oz of jalepeno jack cheese,shredded
optional sliced jalepenos(How hot do
you want it? I use 3 tablespoons of sliced jalepenos.)


Add water or milk to make a soupy consistency
Mix well and pour into a glass baking pan.

Bake @ 400 degrees  in a glass pan (so you can make sure it's not burning on sides)until browning on top. You may need to lower temp.(Time /temp depends on your oven. It's about 45 minutes in mine)

Serving suggestions: For other occasions you might try serving refried beans and a taco salad with meat.
For holidays,it goes well with almost any traditional menu.

                                                         Louisiana Diced Potato Salad
A southern cook will tell you, it's all about a little taste here and there to get a potato salad tasting just right. Have a few spoons ready for tastin' and deciding about stuff...especially the the salt...Still some will say,"Not enough salt." Others will say,"Jeepers! You stumped yore toe on the salt." (That's southern for "you must have dropped the salt shaker in it!")

PREP:****Wash  and Boil (a 5 lb bag) red potatoes  with skins and cool six hours.  Cut cooled   potatoes   into small squares about 1/2 in by 1/2 inch.
       *****Boil 8 eggs and cool/peel and chop.

                                             MAKING THE SALAD:
In a large bowl, mix the potatoes eggs, 1 cup of chopped celery,1/2 cup of chopped green onions,about 1/3 cup of diced pimentoes,1/2 cup (or more!) of dill pickle relish.Add 1teaspoon of high quality garlic powder,and 4 tablespoons of Mrs. Dash 's Original Seasoning)
Now add a 4 to 1 ratio of 4 parts mayo to one part mustard.(Ex: 4 oz mayo and 1 oz mustard.  I use a tart mayo like KRAFT or HELLMAN'S.)
NOTE: How much of the mayo-mustard mixture you use depends on how you like your potato salad,dry or wet. I use enough to make my salad just before being creamy.It's a preference thing.)
TASTE. Now add salt according to your taste. It's hard for me to say,because I use very little. I used to 'stump my toe." Remember......please yourself on the salt thing!

For those not from the USA , Thanksgiving is a super big holiday here, with at least ONE major feast. (Who am I kidding? )We take days to prepare it, and eat it for days!
Like my picture  of the child and the turkey? It was free. (I love nostalgia and this is ME! )
Polly gave it to me. Actually ,she has a great site with free old pictures and cards. You don't know Polly? You are in luck !
Check her out! Worth following, and she is a sweetie pie ,too! just click below!


  1. Ahhhh, Jackie sweetie, yes, it is a year to extra thankful -- but I think that every year, lol. I love Thanksgiving and treat the day as it's name implies. It's one of the best days of the year :D
    Enjoy yours with grace and a hearty appetite!
    Big hug sent your way :)


  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.... I won't be on much the rest of the week. I have a blog published today and tomorrow --but none after that until Monday... I am thankful for so many fabulous blog friends...


  4. I am thankful for each new day that I can get out of bed.
    I will be looking forward to those recipes.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Yes, indeed, we have so very much to be thankful for, don't we! So happy to hear that you're feeling better this year, Jackie! I'm returning your visit from a few days ago ... thank you for those encouraging words! I haven't been on too much because of a very bad strain of the flu, so I'm trying to do a bit of catching up around here. Sounds like fun, preparing your feast, there! You ought to try competing with Bobby Flay ... if the Pioneer Woman could do it, I'm sure you could, as well! You have a blessed, and happy, Thanksgiving, and thanks again, so much for dropping over! :)

  6. I love your nostalgic blog site!


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I'm Totally Southern,Y'all !

I'm Totally Southern,Y'all !