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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hey y'all. I'm okay.I'm okay. Thank God! But I'm starting to wonder........... what next? It's October in Louisiana, and in my part of the state the leaves are barely turning yet, and the bees are still buzzin'. Well. I forgot about that.Just out and out forgot that little fact.

It all started when I went to see if there were ANY pecans on the tree that was hit bad by an ice storm in March,of all things.No..No pecans. Hearing Mama's air conditioner rattle from the outside, I walked over, put a few shems in it, and it was good to go. I continued my stroll around her yard to the front as I made my way back to my yard.

Seeing an overturned statue that sits in her bird bath, I picked up to place it correctly. I was surprised to realize it was plastic. Just as I saw about a 2 inch diameter hole in the statue, I heard a whirring, buzzing sound and immediatly saw yellow jackets or hornets exiting the space. I speedily placed it back on the birdbath, hole facing down hoping to slow the yellow jackets as much as possible. Taking time to do this ,I thought,might save my life, or at least reduce the amount of the attackers!

Who is to know, but at least I only got stung six times. They were chasing me,though. Thanks to my compression hose I have to wear for this ole lymphedema, I was only stung three times on my right leg.One on the back of my neck, two on my throat....)

I ran in, took off my capris grabbed a pair of long pants and changed quickly. I grabbed my hairbrush and cell phone, and was going to head to the med-clinic 5 miles away.By that times about 5 min. had passed, and other than acute pain in my "bosom"(oh yeah..there!) where I was stung twice, I felt okay. I have been stung by a honey bee years ago , and was going into shock before I was given a shot. However, I  remembered that I had been stung by yellow jackets a few years ago, and other than a bit of pain and nausea, I experienced no serious effects. Mama was gone galavantin' and I'd have to drive myself.

Since I retired, I can't afford (and don't have)insurance. So that colored my decision to take a wait and see.I'm hurting, but okay. No strange feelings, no thick feeling tongue...nothing. Just OUCH,it hurts, and I feel a bit queasy.It could have been so much worse.So ,praise the Lord!

But for today, what with a  skunk last week, armadillos tearing up the yard for a month, snake killin' on Monday, and now THIS......I HAVE JUST ABOUT HAD IT WITH CRITTERS!


  1. Oh my goodness Jackie.. I so agree that you've had more than your share of critters for one day!! I'm so sorry you got stung by so many bees. I can only imagine how horrible they must feel, and some being in such tender areas ta boot! I've only got stung a couple times on the bottom of my feet when I use to run around outside without any shoes on.. Like you mentioned... OUCH!! I've learnt over the years to wear my flip flop sandals when I go outside at any time of the day..

    I also wanted to say Thank You for stopping by and visiting my blog.. It was so good to have you visit. Please do stop by anytime!

    I sure loved reading your blog today and your blog design is so very pretty!

    Have a great rest of the day Jackie! Be sure to stay away from any other critters!


  2. Jackie, I read about the lymphedema that you suffer from. I am so sorry about that. My husband died of lymphoma. Are they related in any way?
    I have been stung by wasps before but never 6 times at once. I hope you don't have any lasting effects.
    You are still a few years away from Medicare so I know the being without insurance must frighten you. Do you think the National Health Care Plan will help?

  3. Hi Beth! I SO appreciate you stopping by.So sorry about your husband.No,Lymphoma is cancer of course, and lymphedema is a disorder of the entire lymph node system.It can evolve into cancer, I think.(not sure..)I have had cellulitus twice because of it, staying in the hospital 5 days one time.I am prone to swelling anywhere, even in my stomach, chest, neck and face. My case is most severe in my legs. I can have as much as 10-12 lbs of lymph fluid accumualte over a 24 hour period. I rarely do that anymore since I was correctly diagnosed, and work my therapy of massage and compression hose.

    . I may accumulate 2 -4 lbs during the day, most concentrated in my legs. National Health Care Plan, I'm told, is going to force me to buy insurance eventually.In Louisiana we have several income based hospitals ,one being about an hour and fifteen minutes away, so I'm okay. There is an income based walk-in clinic in town,too.

  4. we've had our share of critters too - that's what happens in the fall! Mice in the house, possum in the basement. So far, I think we're ahead.

  5. Hi Jackie, Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you come back often. We have alot of critters here also... The latests was a SKUNK on our deck... Luckily, he went away before spraying....

    We also have deer all over the place --and since George and I grow roses, we don't like them in our yard... We now spray Liquid Fence --which keeps them away (thank goodness). I love seeing them --when they are NOT in my yard... ha

    Sorry you got stung... Hope you are okay. Some bees cause a reaction and some don't --as you know. Sounds like you have had trouble with skunks and snakes also---and armadillo. Yipes!!!!!

    Where are you in south LA? I lived in New Orleans from 1984-88. I love Cajun food... YUM!!!!!

    Take care --and stay away from the critters (or should I say---tell them to stay away from you!)

  6. I HAVE JUST ABOUT HAD IT WITH CRITTERS! That sounds like a great title for a book :-)

  7. LYNNOLD GEEZER>and BETH>>>>>>>
    Thanks SO VERY much for stopping by and leaving a comment! Beth, I live way out in the boonies in Northern LA. Closest big town is Monroe,LA. I graduated college from NLU(now called ULM..University of Louisiana ,Monroe. I had cousins who grew up in Belle Chase near NO,LA.


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I'm Totally Southern,Y'all !

I'm Totally Southern,Y'all !