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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No Physical Presence

UPDATE to the following post: Wednesday night---I got an e-mail from my friend Mary Ellen in Australlia. She tried to call me ,but I was at church. She is fine. Her area is not yet affected, but both she and her husband 's jobs are closed until further notice.

I am reminded today, as I wait to hear from my dear friend Mary Ellen in Australia, of how little physical presence has to do with loving someone. Mary Ellen is my daughter's age. I have never met my dear pen pal (of about a decade)physically, but I just love her to pieces!

Mary Ellen lives in a area that is now being devastated by epic flooding.I am worried. My stomach is in knots. I want to know that she is okay, and in no danger.I read about the increasing flooding today,now in her city, and shot her an e-mail insisting that she let me know if she and her husband are okay.So now....I wait.

Why I am I so knotted up about a person I have never physically met? How can you care about someone you have written and talked on the phone with ,yet never met? The answer is....WE HAVE spirit. WE have commonalities.WE are both Christians.We are both teachers, and have stories we could tell,believe me! We both struggle with weight. I love her Aussie accent,and she loves my southern drawl.I don't have to say to anyone that she does exist. I have her letters..(and several gifts.......)I talk to her, so no one can convince me that there is no little aussie girl who is dear to me.

She is not my daughter, but there is a part of me that for some strange reason I can't explain,feels that we are related. We both express heartfelt wishes to meet someday. I'm the old lady, so she needs to come to the states...grinning...She will come to me.If I ever hear she is coming I would do every thing I could to make her trip inviting.I think she would instantly feel at home.

Which brings me to my point.Thinking about Mary Ellen led way to thinking about the Lord. I love my Lord with all of my heart. Have I ever seen him? No. I FEEL Him in my spirit. I don't have to see or touch Him to know that He exists.I have his letters.That is how we really got aquainted!

He loves me.WE are related. I am His child.We talk all the time. Therefore,no one can tell me that there is no Lord Jesus making ready for me to come home!I don't have to physically see and touch Him to believe, and long for the day I see Him.
In the twinkling of an eye! Think of that! But I will GO TO HIM.....and I will be home!

Blessed is he who has not seen, yet has believed!


Y'all have a great week!
Jackie/Louisiana Bayou Lady

P.S. I got my toenail cut off yesterday after a seven week infection that would not heal,even after 20 days of antibiotics.(Because of my lymph systemm disorder..)Hopefully It will heal now.Say a little prayer for me, and a big one for Mary Ellen!

AS always,thanks for dropping by!~~~~Jackie~~~


  1. Jackie, first let me say I will be thinking of you & praying for you. I know exactly what you mean about being "kindred spirits". Isn't it amazing how the Lord can put someone in our "basket". I am praying for a precious girl in Paraquay, who needs to return to US for some medical tests that she cannot receive in a timely matter there. She and her husband & family are missionaries. It is so hard for my little brain to comprehend how we can connect with people we've never hugged or known but for a short period of time. But, yes you have a wonderful point. Reminds me too of that verse, I John 4:20. Have a great week. Ice is melting here.

  2. prayers going up for you and your sweet friend.

  3. I have a friend in Australia too that I am very worried about. She has been my blogging buddy for the last 5 years. I will join you in prayer for all of them.

  4. Jackie - hello. Your post really touched me. What a beautiful analogy to our faith: believing without seeing. I'll hope and pray that your friend is okay and that your pain is lifted.
    Your friend PegCole17

  5. Hi Jackie, I am definitely praying for the people in Queensland. I have two good blog friends who live in Brisbane --and they are getting the flooding now. It's so sad... I know you are worried about your friend.. Hope she is okay.

    Take care of you also... I'll pray for you and your health.

  6. Yes, Australia is going through horrible flooding and I think we all have 1 or 2 friends there. Some we have heard from and a few we have not, but I continue to keep them in my daily and nightly prayers. XOXOXO

  7. We all seem to have a few friends there because of blogging and more. Just catching up here on some of your past blogs as well. There will be many prayers needed for awhile to help strenthen those who may feel weak due to losses in so many different aspects. May they rise again, stonger then before. Yes it is amazing how close you can become to people you have never met. I find people who write share far more of themselves then in real person. To friendships however the come about. Hugs Carrie

  8. Prayers for you and your friend.. I too have many online friends I am close to even though we've never met~ whenever I hear of bad storms or tragedies in the area they live in or near, I'm always concerned too.
    Beautiful post!

  9. I, too, have friends in Australia...some in RL and others via internet..blogging and FaceBook. Will join all of you in prayers for their protection.
    No one can tell me there is no Lord Jesus either. Was talking with my husband the other morning and commented that I knew it and knew that I knew question.
    Your toe sounds painful. Hope it's better soon.

  10. Hi, I too can relate to your post, I have a friend in Queensland and Praise God I have heard from her today that she is okay. I have been very concerned all week. Internet friends or friends through Jesus are special indeed. I can see a few of my other blogging buddies here too. God Bless - Nita

  11. Oh honey, how well I understand your post today. When my son died 7 months ago I realized that I had a love for and a bond with women across the globe that I will never meet on this earth but they are as close or closer than many of my family members because our hearts have intertwined through the Holy Spirit. Hugs to you today, Mollye

  12. Hi Jackie,

    Thanks for your visit, yes Kerrie is my friend in Queensland and a very special friend - Hope all is well with you and your friends. God Bless - Nita

  13. It was so great to hear your dear friend is safe. A lot of prayers are going up for the people of Australia...


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I'm Totally Southern,Y'all !