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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ingrown toenail,the Doc, and a Pity Party!

Boy did I have a pity party today.I  had to go to the doc with an ingrown toenail that has been infected off and on since I went to Alabama. I think it started because I drove all day long with out cruise control, shoving that toenail in further and further. Because of having a lymph system disorder, my body is sluggish about fighting infections. But THAT is not why I had a pity party. 

The doc couldn't cut the toenail out , because my toe is too infected, and all I got was a prescrption for an antibiotic. But THAT was not why I had a pity party either.

 No, I had a pity party because I started dwelling on my insurance dilema. I was supposed to have to pay $134.00 monthly for it after I retired. But because I had a lapse in coverage in 06 when I took an unpaid sabbactical I was told my payment would be over $600.00 dollars a month. I protested, and insisted the LA state teacher's office be consulted.(Thought the local school board had made a mistake. I stood there while she called. It was not a mistake. They took over $600.00 out of my tiny check. So I had to cancel. Now I have no insurance. 

So the pity party was a "How can they do that to me, and why couldn't I have my insurance at the cost I was quoted before I retired, and dadgummit they knew I took a year off when they did my quote, and now I had to think it over big time before I could even go to the doctor, and ....., and ......., and......."(fill in the probably crossed my mind..)

I finally decided to buy a breadmaker, and whatayaknow...they don't have the first one. Not one. further,they are not expecting a shipment either. Blah.

But I just got an e-mail from an old friend (since 1974) I am feeling better tonight, and just finished reading some comments from my blog buddies.There is chocolate in the house and Christmas movies every night.  I hobbled around and got my tree up, and my dog and kitty adore me. Church was great last night , and Jesus loves me. PARTY OVER!
Have a nice Friday!~~~~~Jackie


  1. Definitely wasn't a good day for you, Jackie, and I sympathize and empathize. Some years ago, I had the same insurance and when it ended, I called ONE day after (to chg from cobra to my own name). Nope, they wouldn't do it at the same price, so I was out of luck for any health insurance until just recently. This info isn't going to help you at all, just letting you know you weren't alone. I called AARP and they put me with their ins. co which is Aetna. After filling out a gazillion questions, I finally got a quote and am now enrolled. $604 per month. Makes a person sick just looking at that figure. So you see, I know what you're talking about but I couldn't wait another minute for some insurance. In a year, I'll be able to drop it and go on Medicare (as long as there's still such a thing) and then I'll buy a little supplement to go with it and be back in business. Until then, I'm tightening my belt till I can hardly breathe.

  2. We all love you Jackie. I am so sorry about your insurance coverage. That really sucks! Eat some chocolate and pet the dog and kitty for me.

  3. Oh Jackie, I'm so sorry about your insurance... BUT--someone in the school system should have told you that taking that year off would effect some of your retirement benefits.

    I retired early (age 62) but was on my husband's insurance for a few years. He then retired a year before Medicare kicked in. Neither of us had insurance benefits. SO we got some catastrophic insurance for one year --which would only have paid for something major --like a car accident. We were healthy --so it worked for us. BUT--if you have health problems, I'm not sure what you will do.

    Can you get another job for a few years --which would offer some benefits such as hospitalization??? Well---I can understand why you had a Pity Party... I would also!!!!

    Keep us posted. I still cannot believe that your school system wouldn't have told you about this... That stinks.


  4. Me again----why don't you qualify for disability?? Have you talked to a lawyer or a doctor --or someone who knows????

    Hope you can work it out...

  5. I hate it when people get the shaft and it's happening so much. You had a right to a pity party. Good idea about trying disability.
    I have no clue what town Glenco is near. Isn't that where you visited? I hope that infection goes away soon.

  6. Jenny, I stopped by your blog and left a message about it all. thanks! you are a sweetie!

    Beth, I did as you suggested. I hit the chocolate!

    Betsy, I may qualify, but I was told I had to be not working for a year. I have no money for a lawyer.


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I'm Totally Southern,Y'all !

I'm Totally Southern,Y'all !